Events 2008

febbraio – dicembre 2008


Project Artist, designed by the Foundation and for those who do Art, those who want to talk about it and those who are curious to know through a direct contact with a recognized artist, present during the event giving life to an active dialogue of his experience for the audience to hear.
A series of meetings held every second Monday of each month, at the Vignato Art Foundation headquarters, where artists, like guests mingled in with the audience, talk informally with participants, presenting their work and activities, sharing on their own artistic vision.
The appointments enable us to understand the path of the artist’s life and what motivated him to undertake the road of art.
A “friendly” way and in an unusual context that draws people closer to art


Andrea Bianconi – 11 Febbraio 2008

Paolo Fiorentino – 10 Marzo 2008

Marco Fantini – 14 Aprile 2008

Fratelli Calgaro – 12 Maggio 2008

Wainer Vaccari – 13 Ottobre 2008

Silvio Lacasella – 17 Novembre 2008

Silvano Tessarollo – 15 Dicembre 2008


giugno 2008


The first real gathering of young graffiti artists in Vicenza has been able to make the quality and skill of graffiti art become appreciated.
Thanks to the collaboration of the OVERSPIN group, the Vignato Art Foundation had organised a contest along a bike lane, in the city, in which 30 writers attended from different locations in the Veneto region and Northern Italy.