Events 2009

April 2009

Learn Art
A lesson-meeting in which the artist Louis Pellanda outlined some painting techniques of his art.
Born in Bassano del Grappa in 1964, Pellanda was, before devoting himself entirely to painting, a songwriter and a sculptor. But since the early nineties, he has devoted himself exclusively to painting.
His artistic and professional career led him to make over eighty personal exhibitions with international stopovers in the U.S.A., Germany and Austria. Since 2002 he only works exclusively with the Art Gallery Cinquantasei, the combination of “art-craft”, unique and unrepeatable in certain forms of art technique, has opened the Foundation doors to a heterogeneous audience made up of enthusiasts, experts and those simply curious.

May 2009

The faces of the scriptures – Fifth Edition
The Vignato Art Foundation was partner of the fifth Biblical Festival, entitled I volti delle scritture, with two major initiatives:

1. “Pathways that intertwine passions. Visions. Trades. Faith. Individual paths, human, unique and public works. A sacred fire burning. That arises from the hands. Art.”
With Percorsi della Fede | Pathways of Faith, the Vignato Art Foundation has exhibited in Vicenza works by Marco Cingolani, Giovanni Manfredini and Hermann Nitsch.

2. “Faces in the sense of different aspects. Anger in the sense of the motor, of fire, of the creative energy. They are, indeed, different faces that “artistic anger” plays on this occasion: the graffiti that give life to walls, the electronic sound that colours the air, the projections of images that amplify the senses. Faces of anger, people’s faces, their stories, their art.”
A street art event that brought together nearly 50 graffiti artists in Vicenza from Italy and abroad.

September 2010

The Chinese Umbrella Hat project (Part I) – Shanghai

Public art exhibition held in conjunction with the Expo, at the Shanghai biennial exhibition and Contemporary Art Shanghai Fair – ShConteporary.

The artist Andrea Bianconi designed and decorated 88 Chinese umbrella hats, completed with ropes and small objects of everyday life (toys, coins, pins, buttons, feathers, parts of plants, artificial flowers) attached at the end part of the bamboo strips.

Referring to the symbolic value of the number 8 in the Chinese culture, the 88 hats were worn by 88 Chinese, wearing the masks of the Chinese opera on the back of the head, paraded for a day like a cloud in the centre of the city and important places in Shanghai. The astonishment of the spectators, who took photos and appreciated the calm and poetic look of the characters, gave strength to the message of the umbrella hats. The umbrella hats represent symbolic emblems of the rich cultural and history tradition of civilisation as distant as the Chinese and the Venetian, the dynamics of civilisation and communication between people, of the mutual international understanding.

December 2009 – January 2010

Sapere non sapere | Unknowledge
A sophisticated installation with which the young international artist Andrea Bianconi celebrates the area dedicated to Carlo Scarpa International Library “la Vigna” in Vicenza.

A conceptual exhibition, as a tribute to the existence and deeper emotions, with hyper-coloured sculptures in Baroque style, collages, drawings and photos, create a sort of journey into the world of reflections and experiences of the artist that makes a clear topographical research in one’s personal knowledge.

… a library is a place of knowledge but also demonstrates what we do not know. Thus, has an existential significance.

A prestigious award was given to Andrea Bianconi’s exhibition Sapere non sapere – Unknowledge. The exhibition was hosted by the International Library La Vigna in Vicenza and organised by the Vignato Art Foundation, it was reported by The Art Newspaper, a respected national monthly paper devoted to the world of art.

The Exhibition, in fact, was among the 5 “Cover of the Month” in the January issue: by his side exhibitions hosted in Milan, Rome, Macerata and an installation of Ed Kienzholf restored for a tour of museums around the world.

Sapere non sapere – Unknowledge is a project that investigated the relationship between knowledge and emotion, specifically designed for the space that houses it, and it become an integral part of the work: the ancient Gallo House, restored in the sixties by the architect Carlo Scarpa, inside the building complex of Palazzo Brusarosco Zaccaria, now houses La Vigna Library.

The Veneto Region and the Ministry of Culture sponsored the installation that was curated by Oliver Tschirky, a specialising critic in contemporary art, already an assistant director of Art Basel and the head organiser of Art Basel Miami.