Events 2010

December 2009 – January 2010
Power of Recall
The installation of public art by Stefano Cagol intended to reflect on the concepts of individual and collective memory, of belonging, of recognition.
The idea came from the known name for Vicenza, the “City of Palladio”

But going beyond this binomial, the work has highlighted that the identification of an area is not flattened, but layered, diverse, made up of many names, stories and realities with differences between them, even opposite.
The work had ideally summarized them in a single monument.
A monument to the people of Vicenza – that have lived or even touched her – made by the people of Vicenza.

The names transmitted by the LED display, such as service information, have in fact been ‘remembered’ by the public that interacted with the artist suggesting the names of the protagonists of the past and present history of Vicenza, through the invitation launched from the pages of a local newspaper.

July – September 2010
Wanted. Throughout the summer
A collection of four artists: Andrea Clementi, Anna Fabris, Luca C. Matteazzi and Michela Gruppach, sponsored by the Vignato Art Foundation during the second Festival Vie D’Acqua in Vicenza, had exhibited installations designed on the theme of water, intended, as a valuable resource for citizens, both urban as well as a social value.

November 2010 – January 2011

Monica Marioni. Nymphs
The artist Monica Marioni, created with an ingenious elaborated technique and a very personal vision of the human emotion, expressing through sophisticated digital images, classic allegories transformed into an innovative and contemporary visual alphabet, that gave life to complex images of universal human emotional experiences “of all time”.

September 2010

The Chinese Umbrella Hat project (Part I) – Shanghai
Public art exhibition held in conjunction with the Expo, at the Shanghai biennial exhibition and Contemporary Art Shanghai Fair – ShConteporary.

The artist Andrea Bianconi designed and decorated 88 Chinese umbrella hats, completed with ropes and small objects of everyday life (toys, coins, pins, buttons, feathers, parts of plants, artificial flowers) attached at the end part of the bamboo strips.

Referring to the symbolic value of the number 8 in the Chinese culture, the 88 hats were worn by 88 Chinese, wearing the masks of the Chinese opera on the back of the head, paraded for a day like a cloud in the centre of the city and important places in Shanghai. The astonishment of the spectators, who took photos and appreciated the calm and poetic look of the characters, gave strength to the message of the umbrella hats. The umbrella hats represent symbolic emblems of the rich cultural and history tradition of civilisation as distant as the Chinese and the Venetian, the dynamics of civilisation and communication between people, of the mutual international understanding.