Events 2011

May 2011

Fragile. Intangible, absolute, breakable


A collection of artists from different backgrounds deals with the theme of fragility with different sensitivities, but with a common vision: to be recognised as being fragile in a breakable world that can help man escape through the development of a specific sensitivity. Promoted by the Vignato Art Foundation at the ancient Busato Printing Art Workshop of Vicenza, the exhibition has been set up as an “in progress” event changing due to special evening events and social gatherings with artists.

4 June 2011

The Chinese umbrella hat project (part II) – Venezia


The artist Andrea Bianconi, together with the Vignato Art Foundation and TINA B – Festival of Contemporary Art in Prague, in the opening week of the 54th edition of the Biennial of Art, inspired Venice with the second part of the public art performance that opened last year in Shanghai.

An ideal cultural and artistic bridge involving the two cities that are historically, culturally and commercially linked by their strong connections was reinforced thanks to the performance. The message of peace and integration of the performance was presented by the 88 volunteers dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, revisited by the artist, for the occasion.


17-19 June 2011

 Schachfeld – The chessfield

The chessfield represents the Foundation’s participation to the third edition of Arty Party, an independent art festival, music and entertainment, supported by the Department of Youth Municipality of Vicenza. In collaboration with TINA B – This is not another festival in Prague, for the occasion the Foundation proposed a video by the Swiss artist Katja Loher produced in 2007. The eclectic artist explores the relationship between levels of power and social hierarchies, where the rigorous logic of leadership and the oppression practiced by the dominator are crumbling.


Il Fragilismo presenta il suo Manifesto

28 ottobre 2011 – Sala del capitolo – VIART

Il Fragilismo fa nuovamente parlare di sé con il suo Manifesto che sarà protagonista assoluto della serata-evento presso la Sala del Capitolo al VIART di Vicenza…

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