Values and mission

The interlocutors of the Foundation are the artists and the stakeholders that support and nurture all the activities, and is represented primarily by the diffusion and development of art in its different expressive forms, by supporting the achievement of exhibitions, demonstrations, events and art publications.
Involvement is defined on the basis of the project, once evaluated it may be sponsored, supported or directly organised. We believe in the possibility of offering a place where the artistic sensibilities of the community can find new challenges and cultural proposals easily available. This activity, which carries with it many challenges, is only possible through the careful promotion of the artists with whom the Foundation chooses to cooperate with.

The most ambitious aim focuses on the development of important national and international networks, made of relations and planning exchanges with public and private institutions, Art galleries and opinion leaders to project the city of Vicenza into the modern and contemporary art circuit, creating a real opportunity for artists.
The Foundation, thus, provides a free area of production and promotion; institution that is not bound by market dynamics, able to ensure an offer of quality based on the real artistic potential recognised by critics and public alike.
Maintaining high levels of excellence in cultural offering, and in advisory services and promotions offered to each interlocutor, confirms the values that arise at the base of all the work of the founders, in the charter and collateral.
Clarity, professionalism and passion are guarantees that the Vignato Art Foundation offers to anyone who chooses to use its services or to sustain its work.